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Virtual Private Database…

Some time ago I was asked to assist in fixing or at least finding the cause of a performance problem. The application ran fine until the Virtual Private Database (VPD) policy was applied. Oracle claims there should be near zero impact on your application when you implement VPD, then how is this possible?

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Update multiple columns

This is something I knew somewhere in the back of my head, but had forgotten about until now. When you want to update multiple columns in a single SQL statement based on a sub query you can of course duplicate this query for every column you want to update. But this violates the SPOD (Single […]

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Numeric sorting an alphanumeric column

The other day a customer came up to me and said: I have this column that holds numeric data, usually. But when I sort it it gets all messed up, because is sorts it alphanumerically. That is 10 is listed before 2 etc. My first suggestion was: well, sort by TO_NUMBER(column) then. Well, he replied, […]

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