Monthly Archives: October 2006

Functions returning Collections

Suppose you have a table and this table contains only one row, for instance a record with some application settings. You have the QDA packages in place and you want to retrieve this single row. But you don’t know what the primary key will be. On your development system it can be something else than […]

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QDA reduces code…

At my office we are building and supporting software for an insurance company. We have chosen for an architecture where there is one request record. This is connected to one or more variance records, which are in turn connected to the type of insurance. There is also a connection to a number of employees connected […]

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Custom Components in Turbo Delphi

Suppose you have downloaded Turbo Delphi and you have created some custom components you wish to use in your application. Borland (or DevCon) states that the Explorer Edition does not allow for custom components to be installed. You need the Professional edition for this, which costs money (under $500, they say). But what if you have, […]

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