Monthly Archives: July 2011

Using Table Functions

Overview of table functions Table functions are functions that produce a collection or rows (either a nested table or a varray) that can be queried like a physical database table. You use a table function like the name of a database table, in the FROM clause of a query. The difference with a physical database […]

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[Book Review] jQuery Mobile by Jon Reid

Although JQuery Mobile is still in it’s Beta phase (actually Alpha phase when the book was written) you can already start using it. If you don’t want to learn the language for a specific mobile device (iOS, Android, PalmOS etc.) and you want to leverage your webbuilding skills to mobile devices then jQuery Mobile is […]

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ODTUG Kscope 2011

Last week I attended my very first ODTUG KScope conference in Long Beach, California. I have  attended conferences by ODTUG before, but they were never this broad. Sunday On Sunday I attended the APEX symposium. It was nice to see that APEX is being developed by a rather small, but geographically dispersed, group of people. […]

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