PL/SQL Developer plugins

As the people at Allround Automations are working hard to release version 10 of their great application PL/SQL Developer, I have been busy checking/rebuilding/extending my plugins. I have added toolbar buttons to all of commands supplied by my plugins. I am not done yet. I have some more plugins to do, but I will do them when I have some time again.

I also added an option for you to show your appreciation for my work and donate using Paypal.

You can find the new plugins at the homepage and then follow the menu on the left:

[Software – Plug-ins]

Currently the following plugins have been rebuilt:

  • ColumnEdit
  • CommentLine
  • Favorites
  • InitCaps
  • ReConnect
  • SaveSeparate
  • Template
  • ToggleReadOnly

Update 2013-01-22: Editor Enhancement has been added.

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