Display images with PL/SQL Developer

Alex wrote an entry on displaying images stored as a BLOB in the database here. Since PL/SQL Developer is my (and his) favorite editor, I figured I would do the same he did, but this time using PL/SQL Developer.

I will use the same steps.

  1. Create a table to store the image in
       1: create table t
       2:        (img blob);

  2. Upload an Image

    Display images with PLSQL Developer1 Display images with PLSQL Developer2 Display images with PLSQL Developer3
  3. Retrieve the data from the table

    Display images with PLSQL Developer4
  4. Click the ‘…’ button in the SQL-Window

    Display images with PLSQL Developer3

    (note that PL/SQL Developer automatically ‘sees’ that an image should be displayed)

  5. PL/SQL Developer’s Command window also doesn’t throw an error, but just displays the word <BLOB>.

       1: SQL> select img the_image
       2:   2    from t;
       4: THE_IMAGE
       5: ---------
       6: <BLOB>

And that’s it. PL/SQL Developer can do the same thing. Not that I expected differently though.

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