OTN Appreciation Day : Prebuilt Developer VMs

I learnt a lot from the entire Oracle Technology Network and I still do. One of the best features of OTN these days, IMHO, is the ability to download prebuilt Virtual Machines. Since I am a developer and not an administrator, I don’t like to be bothered with stuff like how much disk space do I need, how many cores should I use etc. I can just download a Virtual Box image, import it and start experimenting with the technology I am interested in. For instance, the multi tenant features of the Oracle 12c database. The best thing in using a virtual machine is that when you screw up really, really bad, you can just throw away the virtual machine, import the original version again and try again.
Thanks, OTN, for making it possible for me to learn new technologies without having to learn all the administrator stuff.
Oh, and if I need some extra information or find out what an error means and what I can do about it, there is almost always an answer to be found at OTN.


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