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Often, I find myself commenting out chuncks of code. Either because I decide to go on a different route with the solution, or because the specs for the program change (do they change? YES). When revisiting the code after a while, I sometimes don’t seem to be able to come up with the why of […]

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Records in Delphi

In Delphi, you still have the old pascal method of creating records to hold data and then create pointers to get to this data. The problem with this approach is that it is not really object oriented. You have to cleanup the records behind the pointers. There is no way Delphi can do this for […]

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ANT 2.0 (2)

I just got the demo for the mouse hook I downloaded from to work. This might be a good thing to use to implement the autohide functionality of the new ANT application. Nice to play with Delphi and Windows messaging again… 😉 And I found another link with explanation on how to hook the […]

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ANT 2.0

First there was YALM (Yet Another Launcher Manager). Then I rewrote that application into ANT (ANother Toolbar). Now I came up with the idea to build ANT 2.0 and then blog some about it. I don’t know when I have the time to do this (it will be a really slow project), but I will […]

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