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Change has come…

I have been busy with a lot of personal stuff lately. Took my daughters on a short camp with about 60 other girls. Visited a couple of friends, attended some birthday parties, had Steven over for a day, that kind of stuff. That means I didn’t really have the time to write up something for the blog.

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Conditional Compilation…

Oracle has decided to add Conditional Compilation to Oracle 10g Release 2. As Bryn Llewellyn states in his white paper Conditional Compilation in Oracle Database 10g Release 2: Unusually, but for very compelling reasons, the feature has been made available in patchsets of releases of Oracle Database earlier than the one that introduced the feature. It is […]

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A different approach…

Steven Feuerstein has presented a new approach to the development workflow in his best practices presentation he held in The Netherlands last week. He did this presentation about three times for different audiences. I have seen his approach before and I think the idea is pretty good. Don’t know if and how we can use […]

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After being in classes for two days I think OPP2007 was a big success. I have seen some (though not all) good speakers and they provided me with some nice ideas I can probably use in my future work. As soon as we upgrade most of the databases to a more recent version (we are […]

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