Monthly Archives: February 2007

Flying out to San Francisco

While we are flying out to San Francisco to visit OPP2007 it's fun to have made contact with Alex just before the flight. Unfortunately he's a couple of rows behind us, but we can still do some last minute checks for the test-a-thon on Wednesday. We found that different settings in your database, especially for […]

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Code Tester…

According to Steven Feuerstein’s post on his ToadWorld Blog, CodeTester 1.5 will be available soon. It will not yet fullfill all your testing needs, but it’s a great start. I am one of the moderators of the  utPLSQL project (and the creator of the forum used by the community) (also mentioned in the post), but I […]

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flexible indents

Is it possible to have a variable indent in the generated code??? {_indent}object lblLabel: TLabel {_indent}  Top = 0 {_indent}  Left = 10 {_indent}end And that that would result in something like this (with _indent set to 4 spaces):     object lblLabel: TLabel       Top = 0       Left = […]

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