Flying out to San Francisco

While we are flying out to San Francisco to visit OPP2007 it's fun to have made contact with Alex just before the flight. Unfortunately he's a couple of rows behind us, but we can still do some last minute checks for the test-a-thon on Wednesday.

We found that different settings in your database, especially for utl_file_dir, can give different results in the tests. I think that either we take this test out (nah, we probably won't do that) or put in another possible test result, for the different settings.

It's amazing to see how many people bring their laptops nowadays. And it's amazing to see how many people get some work done, while completely disconnected from the rest of the world (literally, cause you're flying high above the earth).

Well, I hope I can post this before the OPP2007 starts. If all is well, then we will have internet access in the hotel. Maybe I'll blog some more about the OPP.

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