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Redgate Source Control for Oracle

At the KScope12 conference Redgate held a live lab to develop their new tool: Redgate Source Control for Oracle. I was involved then already to help make this tool work the way developers want. To help everyone use this tool Redgate is friendly to provide me with two (2) five (5) user licenses to their […]

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PL/SQL Developer plugins

As the people at Allround Automations are working hard to release version 10 of their great application PL/SQL Developer, I have been busy checking/rebuilding/extending my plugins. I have added toolbar buttons to all of commands supplied by my plugins. I am not done yet. I have some more plugins to do, but I will do […]

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Version Control

When building software you often make a lot of changes to your code, only to find out is isn’t working anymore. What change broke the code? What was the previous, working, version like? Can I go back in time to undo my changes? And if you are working in a team: Who made the last […]

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Using Table Functions

Overview of table functions Table functions are functions that produce a collection or rows (either a nested table or a varray) that can be queried like a physical database table. You use a table function like the name of a database table, in the FROM clause of a query. The difference with a physical database […]

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OPP Brussels

Coming Wednesday the first edition of the OPP conference in Europe will start. I will be doing a presentation on Thursday on one of my favorite tools: PL/SQL Developer. I will be attending a lot of PL/SQL oriented sessions like ‘The Helsinki Declaration’ by Toon Koppelaars and for instance the ‘SOA for PL/SQL developers’ by […]

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