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Qnxo is now Qcgu

Quest has recently aquired Qnxo which they will make available for free on They have also renamed the product to from Qnxo (Quality iN, eXcellence Out) to Qcgu (Quest Code Generation Utility). Since the acronym doesn’t sound too good, it will probably be referred to as CodeGen. I have been testing the new version […]

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QDA reduces code…

At my office we are building and supporting software for an insurance company. We have chosen for an architecture where there is one request record. This is connected to one or more variance records, which are in turn connected to the type of insurance. There is also a connection to a number of employees connected […]

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Column order

Yesterday I came across a rather strange problem, which was luckily relatively easily solved. The problem is like this: I am using QDA (Qnxo Development Architecture) packages┬áto get to the data in my tables. In the Query Package there is a function to retrieve a row from the table. I had generated this code and […]

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