Qnxo is now Qcgu

Quest has recently aquired Qnxo which they will make available for free on ToadWorld.com. They have also renamed the product to from Qnxo (Quality iN, eXcellence Out) to Qcgu (Quest Code Generation Utility). Since the acronym doesn’t sound too good, it will probably be referred to as CodeGen. I have been testing the new version and it looks really good.

But still, there is no support for parsing views that refer to mulitiple tables. I am currently working on a script as well as PL/SQL code to parse a view and use it’s contents in a script, for example to create INSTEAD OF triggers on views. Currently the code is working for simple views, that just combine fields from different tables. I am still working on parsing the views that use special functions on fields, like Date display, performing calculation functions etc.

I will post both the code and the scripts here, as soon as I have them working a bit better.

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  1. Do you know when it will be posted on ToadWorld.com? I am interested in trying to use it for the generation of the CRUD procedures and packages.

  2. They said it would be by the end of this year (2006), but it seems like they’re not going to make that, so probably first quarter next year.
    In the meantime, you can checkout http://qnxo.com to download an ‘old’ version there, so you can still checkout the QDA (I guess that’s what you mean by CRUD packages).

  3. Thanks. The CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) procedures (within a package) are generated for a specific table. If that is what you meant by the QDA, then that is it! 🙂

    I have downloaded the trial version of Qnxo. Will the template scripts that I create within it be compatible with the Qcgu? I noticed that Feurstein’s teplates mostly create procedures. I want to modify the scripts to create a single package for each table that has the specific CRUD (and BULK insert/update) procedures within it. Do some of those type scripts exist somewhere today?

  4. Yes, they will. In fact, it’s the same engine. Only thing you should do is make snapshots of your scripts before you install Qcgu, just to be sure. Don’t know if there will be an upgrade from Qnxo.
    Why should you want to create a single package? I have found out that working with the QDA (_TP, _QP and _CP) packages is very easy once you know how to. And getting to know how to takes about 1 hour ;-).

  5. Ray,

    I am glad to hear of your interest in Qnxo/QCGU.

    The templates you need for CRUD should be ready to go for you. So please try those before writing your own.

    We are indeed a bit behind as regards the rebranding/release of QCGU. I now hope to get this done in January.

    In the meantime, the current version of Qnxo should be more than good enough to get you started.

    Warm regards, Steven Feuerstein

  6. Thanks Steve. I am looking forward to the toolset from Quest. I am in the process now of generating the packages and procedures for my database design. Hopefully all will go well.

  7. I am waiting for the QCGU version from Quest, however, my trial period for QNXO has just expired (yesterday). From the QNXO site, I requested a new key to extend the trial period but have recieved no response. Is there a way I can extend the trial on QNXO until QCGU is available?

    Thanks in advance.


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