Monthly Archives: January 2008

WITH Clause

During my work for AMIS I came across a (to me at least) new feature of the SQL engine. Instead of building an inline view in the from clause of a statement you can build this ‘inline view’ before the SQL statement and use the results in the from clause. The syntax is pretty straightforward: […]

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I got tagged!

Jornica tagged me. Thanks for the invitation. Here are a couple of things you may, or may not, know about me. My nickname was given to me about 13 years ago, by a friend. Patch is shorter than Patrick. I am married to Dana. We have 3 kids, Quinty (9), Kayleigh (7) and Mitchell (4). […]

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Oracle 11G – Compound Trigger

In Oracle 11G it is now possible to create a compound trigger. One piece of trigger code that holds all the code for the different triggers you would want. Why do we want to have this? Consider a solution for a mutating table problem. Normally you would use about at least three different triggers and […]

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