Monthly Archives: January 2007

Oracle SQL Developer also for MySQL

This post on Download Squad pointed me to trying Oracle SQL Developer to connect to my MySQL database on this website. After unpacking the download, I tried to connect but apparently I needed some extra software to connect to MySQL. This link on the Oracle site shows the following table. It appears that the needed jar files […]

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Switched to FireFox…

 I finally made the switch from Maxthon (for tabbed browsing) to Firefox. I needed a couple of extensions, like the mouse gestures extensions, but I think I got all the functionality I liked in Maxthon embedded in FireFox now.  After installing FireFox, I decided to take a look at ThunderBird, since my current email application, […]

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Tabs in output

By default, when you press the tab-key in the editor, the indent is replaced by spaces. I wanted the generated code to contain tabs instead of spaces, so I have created the following code: An Oracle Stored Function: create or replace function tab_char return varchar2 is begin   return chr(9); end tab_char; In the cgml code […]

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