Monthly Archives: October 2007

Change has come…

I have been busy with a lot of personal stuff lately. Took my daughters on a short camp with about 60 other girls. Visited a couple of friends, attended some birthday parties, had Steven over for a day, that kind of stuff. That means I didn’t really have the time to write up something for the blog.

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Notes tool…

I have taken the last couple of weeks to create a new utility to keep track of the notes that come up during my work or other things when I’m behind my computer. It took some time out of my life, but I really like the result. I hope you download the tool and let […]

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Steven has arrived in The Netherlands. After having his flight from Oslo canceled due to technical problems (did they loose a wing or something like that) he arrived at Schiphol airport around 21:30. About 2 hours later than expected but definitely on time for the events scheduled for tomorrow. First there is the TOAD User […]

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