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Notes AboutI have taken the last couple of weeks to create a new utility to keep track of the notes that come up during my work or other things when I’m behind my computer. It took some time out of my life, but I really like the result. I hope you download the tool and let me know what you think about it.

I was inspired to build this tool by the Google Desktop sidebar gadget. This looked pretty cool and did almost all I needed, except for the fact that I could only keep Notes Screenshottrack of one note, instead of the multiple pages version I created myself.

It took some time out of my vacation and some time away from Oracle PL/SQL, but it was fun to write another tool which can help me in the future.

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  1. Short on time, but check out Zotero (google it). This is a pretty amazing firefox add in. For example I can snapshot a web page, then add notes or even highlight and annotate the page. You can keep everything on a thumb drive if you want. Very cool.

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