Change has come…

I have been busy with a lot of personal stuff lately. Took my daughters on a short camp with about 60 other girls. Visited a couple of friends, attended some birthday parties, had Steven over for a day, that kind of stuff. That means I didn’t really have the time to write up something for the blog.

I have also been busy thinking about getting a new job. There’s not much to be learned where I am now. People learn from me, there’s no one who can help me anymore. I decided to leave my current company and I got a nice job offering by amis_logoAMIS Technology  and I decided to go for that one.  Like Steven has already blogged about on his blog (October Travelogue #1: A week in Europe). (Don’t know if Steven has already changed it, but my eldest daughter is called Quinty and not Qunity.)

I start my new job January 1st 2nd. That way I will have had time to finish up at my current job and get colleagues to take over the work that is still out there ;-). Hope I can get them as enthusiastic about CodeGen and CodeTester as I am.

And hopefully I will be able to learn about new techniques like using the new features in Oracle 11G and for example ApEx. Come to think of it: we (I) might even be able to generate ApEx pages using CodeGen. Nice idea for the (near) future.

Coming November 1st I will be attending the Amis KC about the new features in Oracle 11G, which should be a lot of fun.

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