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Notes tool…

I have taken the last couple of weeks to create a new utility to keep track of the notes that come up during my work or other things when I’m behind my computer. It took some time out of my life, but I really like the result. I hope you download the tool and let […]

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What to use…

In my company we are thinking about web-enabling some (parts) of our applications. There are a lot of tools available out there. We are considering the following options (amongst others):  Application Express by Oracle  Flex by Adobe  Delphi for PHP by CodeGear Do you have any comments on this subject? What is (in your opinion) […]

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Custom Components in Turbo Delphi

Suppose you have downloaded Turbo Delphi and you have created some custom components you wish to use in your application. Borland (or DevCon) states that the Explorer Edition does not allow for custom components to be installed. You need the Professional edition for this, which costs money (under $500, they say). But what if you have, […]

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Free Delphi (soon)

Borland really wants to help the developer i.e. the home developer with a free IDE. This way people can learn how to use a programming language, such as Delphi or Delphi.NET. On their site ( they count down the days until the release of these packages. Only drawback in using this IDE is that you […]

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Keep Alive

Keep Alive is a tool to prevent the screen saver from kicking in. Especially useful when you are watching a DVD on your computer. I have enhanced this tool to enable you to choose the screensaver from the tool. That is especially useful when your sysadmin has disabled the screensaver tab with a policy. I […]

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Glyphs on buttons

In a previous post I wrote about the idea of storing the glyph in the TCollectionItem and then show this on the button, but after some more thought I came to the conclusion that this would mean that I would have to change the entire way the TToolbar works. The TToolbar stores the images in a […]

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