Keep Alive

Keep Alive is a tool to prevent the screen saver from kicking in. Especially useful when you are watching a DVD on your computer. I have enhanced this tool to enable you to choose the screensaver from the tool. That is especially useful when your sysadmin has disabled the screensaver tab with a policy.

I can agree that some companies want to make sure that the screensaver kicks in and after you return to your computer, that you will have to put in your password again. I can however not see why it should be impossible to choose your own screen saver. But for as far as I know, a policy can only disable the tab sheet completely. Therefore I enhanced the tool, to enable the choice again.

8 thoughts on “Keep Alive

  1. +1. does exactly what is advertised. We’re using this to prevent the screensaver from running and the workstation from locking so we can run promo/educational videos (some 3 hours in length) in a counseling area.

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