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CodeGen and APEX.

When building code to support your APEX application, it is always nice to be able to generate large parts of that code. I am really fond of creating code using the QDA. The only trouble is that you need to create all the packages separately. What I have found works for me is to create […]

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Blogging block…

I seem to be suffering from a blogging block (like a writers block, but for a blogger). Maybe it’s my new job at AMIS or the new application at the KPN I am working on. It’s a lot of figuring out what is going on. Reading through other peoples code and try to understand their […]

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Change has come…

I have been busy with a lot of personal stuff lately. Took my daughters on a short camp with about 60 other girls. Visited a couple of friends, attended some birthday parties, had Steven over for a day, that kind of stuff. That means I didn’t really have the time to write up something for the blog.

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QDA on tables…

When you are implementing the QDA in an existing application, you may want to know what tables have the QDA implemented and what tables don’t have it implemented yet. I have created two SQL statements that retrieve this information from the data dictionary.

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CodeGen presentation (2)

Yesterday I did the presentation on CodeGen at the Amis  Academy. There were about 12 people to see what I was talking about. In about an hour I showed a bit about how CodeGen works, what you can do with it (and what you can’t) and what the QDA is. After the theoretical information, it […]

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