What’s new???

Well, for one thing, I got a new laptop from the office. This one is great. It’s get an Intel Centrino Dual Core processor (2GHz) and 3.5 Gb of RAM. Wow, that’s about 3.5 times as much as I used to have ;). Downside of getting a new laptop is having to install all the software I use again. But the good news is, I got a clean start and I can check which tools I really use and which tools were installed for occasional use.

Luckily I have a folder within my downloads section consisting of ‘useful tools’. Tools like Windows Live Writer, TaskSwitchXP and Launchy. And of course CodeGen and CodeTester.

And I read the news of Stevens accident. Just to remember I sat in that car a year and a half back. And I know how fond Steven was about that car. I just hope he and Eli are alright and I hope he will either get his car repaired or get a new car which he likes a much a this one.

Well, I guess there are more severe issues in the world than just me having to install software over and over again 😉

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