Monthly Archives: June 2007

CodeGen presentation (2)

Yesterday I did the presentation on CodeGen at the Amis  Academy. There were about 12 people to see what I was talking about. In about an hour I showed a bit about how CodeGen works, what you can do with it (and what you can’t) and what the QDA is. After the theoretical information, it […]

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What to use…

In my company we are thinking about web-enabling some (parts) of our applications. There are a lot of tools available out there. We are considering the following options (amongst others):  Application Express by Oracle  Flex by Adobe  Delphi for PHP by CodeGear Do you have any comments on this subject? What is (in your opinion) […]

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New life…

Last Friday, one of my best friends became a dad too. His first born goes by the name of Kasper and was born at 5:00 am. I welcome this new person to this world and I wish him all the best, lots of fun and fortune. He must be the second most rich man in […]

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