CodeGen presentation (2)

Yesterday I did the presentation on CodeGen atamis_logo the Amis  Academy. There were about 12 people to see what I was talking about. In about an hour I showed a bit about how CodeGen works, what you can do with it (and what you can’t) and what the QDA is. After the theoretical information, it was time for some demo’s on how to create scripts in CodeGen. The examples were not really ground-breaking, but they showed the potential of CodeGen.

One of the examples was how to work with the TAB array to create views based on tables. Another example was how to work with data in tables and use the DEFARRAY keyword to create your own array. I created an XML file based on the data in a table. I know, you should be using Oracle technology to generate XML files, but it was just to drive the point home.

I think it was a nice presentation and the people there now have a bit of an idea on what CodeGen can do. Maybe we will do a hands on training using CodeGen so the people can work with and see the complete potential of the tool. 

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