PL/SQL Developer Plug-ins

This page is dedicated to the plug-ins I created for PL/SQL Developer.

Comment Lines: Use this plug-in to (un)comment lines with line comments (–). If you install this Plug-In, you will get additional menu items to comment and uncomment a selection. You can assign shortcut keys to the menus for quick access. [read more]

SaveSeparate: Use this plug-in to save the spec and body of a package in separate files.

Favorites: Use this plug-in to keep your favorite files (scripts) handy all the time.

Compile current: Use this plug-in to compile the current tab.

Reconnect: Use this plug-in to reconnect to the database you were last connected to. For instance after a nigthly shutdown of the database.

Shift tab: Use this plug-in to shift-tab through your code.

Toggle Read-Only: Use this plug-in to toggle the read-only state of your window.

Template: Use this plug-in to use templates like the way the Delphi IDE works.

Code Completion: Use this plug-in to use code completion like the way the Delphi IDE works.

Selection Info: Use this plug-in to get information about your selection in an edit window.

Init Caps: Use this plug-in to change your selected text to Init Caps.


3 thoughts on “PL/SQL Developer Plug-ins

  1. SaveSeparate is an excellent plug-ins it allows me to work with PL/SQL Developer with others which works with Toad and we could share the same CVS. Thank you very much !

  2. Hello,

    I have a problem when trying to add a new template to the list.

    It sais “Access violation of address …. in module ‘template.dll’. Read of address ….”

    Can you help me with that please?

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