Monthly Archives: August 2006

New blog software

Microsoft has released a beta of their blogging software. Windows Live Writer. It has a nice and clean look and feel to it. Of course it was desiigned to work with Windows Live Spaces, but it also works with other blogging software, such as WordPress (the one this blog uses). It's nice to use and […]

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Free Delphi (soon)

Borland really wants to help the developer i.e. the home developer with a free IDE. This way people can learn how to use a programming language, such as Delphi or Delphi.NET. On their site ( they count down the days until the release of these packages. Only drawback in using this IDE is that you […]

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Been a while…

It's been quite some time since my last blog post (more than 2 months). The reason for this delay is the problems I am currently experiencing from an 'MS attack'. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 2 months back. I went to the doctor's office because my hands were feeling really numb. They have […]

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