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In my company we are thinking about web-enabling some (parts) of our applications. There are a lot of tools available out there. We are considering the following options (amongst others):

apex_logo_64 Application Express by Oracle

box_flexbuilder_90x120 Flex by Adobe

box-delphi-php Delphi for PHP by CodeGear

Do you have any comments on this subject? What is (in your opinion) the best tool for the job? The only thing that is fixed at the moment is the availability of the Oracle Database. We are definitely not going to change that any time soon.

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  1. I have used ColdFusion, also an Adobe (foremerly Macromedia) product, to develop our Extranet (connecting to Oracle DB in the backend). Although there are many alternatives to ColdFusion, like .NET and the ones you mentioned above, but ColdFusion is the fastest and easiest way to develop a database driven web application.

  2. I think it always depends what type of application your are developing and what the target audience is. Also if it is a database centric application or just uses the database a little bit.

    If you are developing database centric and web-based (not super rich like you could do with Flex) you should have a closer look at APEX. It’s quite easy to leverage your existing SQL/PL-SQL skills and because of the close integration with the database you can use all the features of your database and not just use it as dumb data store. The 4GL like framework does a lot of work for you, which you don’t have to care anymore.

    But hey, I’m objective 😉


  3. Thanks for all your comments so far. We have been using Cold Fusion (I guess version 4 or something like that) and that doesn’t seem to work like we want it to. Come to think about it, we are also considering Java, but I don’t really like that myself (not my cup of tea). Does anyone have other suggestions?

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