Back from holiday…

After a short holiday in Landal Greenparks I am back home again. We enjoyed a nice stay in a small cottage and we did some sightseeing in the 10 days we were in Germany. The kids really enjoyed the swimming pool and the indoor playground. But when we went to see places, they mostly liked what they saw too. Especially the mountains were very nice for them. We don't have anything like that  where we live.  

Now it's back to normal life again. I saw we have a couple of nice things coming. Coming Monday a couple of Delphi developers start to work with us and I am the designated person to teach them how we (re)build our application, using the framework we developed ourselves. Besides this, we bought licenses to use CodeTester and I am probably the one who knows most of this, so I will be teaching colleagues how to use this great tool.

And I will be doing a talk on CodeGen at the Amis Academy, which I still have to prepare for . So, I won't be bored in the coming time.

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