Creating hidden paths in Powerpoint

When you are, like me, creating presentations you might want to have the possibility to hide certain slides and only show them when time permits. You can of course just skip over the slides during your presentation, but that is not a good practice IMHO. It is better to add these slides as hidden slides to you presentation and show them by clicking a link you add to a visible slide.

Please note there is no such thing as calling a part of your presentation and then returning to the point where you called it. You need to put the hidden slides in between the ‘normal’ slides.

Steps to take, to achieve this:

  • Build your presentation, including the slides you want to hide later
  • Hide the optional slides
  • Add a hyperlink to the slide preceding the hidden path
  • Test your presentation

I have created a sample presentation that implements this idea. The feet represent the different paths. If you click on the green and red feet when they appear on a slide with a side path the presentation will show the hidden slides.

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