OPP Brussels

Coming Wednesday the first edition of the OPP conference in Europe will start. I will be doing a presentation on Thursday on one of my favorite tools: PL/SQL Developer. I will be attending a lot of PL/SQL oriented sessions like ‘The Helsinki Declaration’ by Toon Koppelaars and for instance the ‘SOA for PL/SQL developers’ by Lucas Jellema. Actually I will only be attending one session by my personal friend Steven Feuerstein. But the good news is that we will be spending Tuesday afternoon together. My kids are really anxious to see him again.
I will also be attending a couple of APEX oriented sessions for instance on ‘Dynamic Actions’ and on ‘Plugins’.
It would be nice if you could be there, especially my session of course. If you attend my session then there are some goodies for you to take away. There are t-shirts and CD’s with a trial version of the tool. There are even a couple of packages with the user manual included.
So, hope to see you there.

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