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OPP 2010

On October 27th and 28th the combined OPP (Oracle PL/SQL Programming) and APEXposed conference is coming to Europe. To Brussels to be exact. I have had the privilege to attend these conferences since the first one in 2005. The nice thing about this conference is that it is the only conference (at least that I […]

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Report in APEX

The other day someone at a customer had a question about displaying a report. The different options are in a table so he could easily use a report to display the options. But he wanted to display three columns of options. That is, if there are 10 options, he would want to display 3 rows […]

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CodeGen and APEX.

When building code to support your APEX application, it is always nice to be able to generate large parts of that code. I am really fond of creating code using the QDA. The only trouble is that you need to create all the packages separately. What I have found works for me is to create […]

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