OPP 2010

On October 27th and 28th the combined OPP (Oracle PL/SQL Programming) and APEXposed conference is coming to Europe. To Brussels to be exact. I have had the privilege to attend these conferences since the first one in 2005. The nice thing about this conference is that it is the only conference (at least that I know of) that is totally focused on PL/SQL. Three tracks with all kinds of ideas of what you can do in PL/SQL. From using collections (been around since Oracle 7) to Edition Based Redefinition (Oracle 11Gr2).
If there is a slot in the agenda that has nothing you like, you are welcome to switch to the APEXposed conference to see if there is something you like.
I know I am a big fan of PL/SQL since it has nothing to do with building a front-end but more with getting the job done, using as less resources as possible and applying the best techniques available in the version I am working with.
I am not much of a visual developer. But using APEX, even I can make nice applications that are easy to build and even look nice.
Shameless plug: I will also be doing a presentation on my favorite tool PL/SQL Developer. If you attend the conference, I hope you will come and see this.

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