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I’m sure everybody ran into an error of some sort when using Oracle. Some errors are really obvious, you are trying to select a column that doesn’t exist, assigning a variable that hasn’t been declared, that kind of errors. But there are also errors that you don’t run into that often, maybe it’s even the first time you run into this error. What do you do when you run into a new error, i.e. new to you. You try to find out what the error is and what might be a resolution. Of course there is the Oracle documentation where you can find all the errors and which might help you with the resolution.

But there is also a nice website that helps you with all the possible errors in Oracle. Oracle Database Error Code holds all the errors possible in Oracle (to my knowledge) and the nice thing is that you can replace the www part with the actual error code. gives you the error text for ‘invalid identifier’, gives you the error text for PL/SQL: numeric or value error.

ora-00904I decided to write a small application that retrieves the webpage and then parses the error text, cause and action from the webpage and then displays it in the window. Without all the other info of the page.



I think it might be nice to have this application running all of the time, so I have easy access to all possible errors I can run into. I am making this application available to everybody who wants to download and use it.  

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