ACED and KScope12

For a couple of days my Twitter timeline is filled up (well, it’s not all that is happening) with the news that Oracle will cancel it’s support for a lot of conferences. One of them being the KScope12 conference. This is to bad, although, considering the current economic status, I can somehow understand why Oracle did this. I am not saying I agree, but I sort of see what they are trying to do.

Even though this is a pretty bad thing for the conference, since a lot of ACED speakers are now cancelling their sessions, it might also be a chance for you to have your ‘hour of fame’. It opens a couple of slots to be filled by other people.

Even though some of the best technologists in the world will not be appearing (you don’t get the ACED title easily) I hope (and think) this conference will be one of the best in the world.

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