This year, from June 22 – June 26, the best convention in the world, ODTUG‘s KScope14 will be held in Seattle, Washington. I am already looking forward to meeting some ‘old’ friends again, creating new friends and seeing some of the best content by presenters from all over the world.

Some of the presentations I am looking forward to:

In the Developer’s Toolkit track:

And of course my own presentation:

Pipelined Table Functions by Patrick Barel

And in The Database track:

And that is just two of the many tracks available. One of the great things I like about this conference is that you can switch between the different tracks whenever you see this fit. Suppose your main focus is The Database, but there seems to be something interesting in the APEX track, then it’s no problem to go see that presentation.

Only problem with this much great content is the chance of some good sessions to be in the same timeslot. This means you will have to make a choice which session to go to and which one to try and catch later, be it next year, maybe a webinar or an online recording.

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