PL/SQL Developer 7.1 Beta and plug-ins…

I have created several plug-ins for this product. Now Allround Automations is working on a new version of their product and this causes some plug-ins to stop working. I have fixed a bug in the 'Comment-Lines' plug-in and there is another problem with the 'Save Separate' plug-in, but that appears to be a problem with the callback functions provided. Still waiting on input from Allround, but I'm sure they will find it.

4 thoughts on “PL/SQL Developer 7.1 Beta and plug-ins…

  1. Do you have any news for the saveseparate plugin. It still requests the file “PlugIns\spcnbdy.plg” when clicking on Load Separate.

  2. What are exactly the problems with this plugin? Are you using v1.2? Does the file spcnbdy.plg exist in the plugins folder in PL/SQL Developer?
    If not: then create it using this code:

    (4 lines). If not, then please send me an email (my email-address is on the about page of the plugin) with the issues you are still having.

  3. Hello. Help me to configure your plug-in.
    I installed it, but I have no File\Save Separate buttons in my main menu? What is wrong?
    Maybe I need something else? Enother Plug-in to manage main menu?
    What is “spcnbdy.plg”?
    Help me, plsease.
    Maybe, it’s easyer to write my plug-in. Where i can found how to do it?

  4. Sorry, for the late answer.
    But i can confirm that creating the file spcnbdy.plg as described resolves the problem.

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