New stuff…

I have had a couple of days off. Mainly because my youngest daughter had to go to hospital for some examination. But I had some time to do some redesigning of the PL/SQL Developer plug-ins (Commentlines, Template, Reconnect so far). They are not yet publicly available, but I can send them to you if you want to.

Then there was the email from Cerulean Studios. They have accepted me into the alpha program of their new version of Trillian. It looks really great and it hasn’t died on me yet (after less than 24 hours of use).

And I found out how to make a subdomain on my domain. This blog is now available at  You will be redirected to the same page as you are on now (probably) ( but I can start using this technique for more subdomains.

That’s about it for now. Hope to have some more technical info again soon.

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