Some new stuff…

…on the blog (again). I decided to change the skin of the blog again. I had some complaints that the previous colors. They weren't really readable. Too dark. So for now I am using this setup.

I also included snap on this site, so you preview the sites I am linking to. Hopefully soon, I have some time to finally finish my post(s) on the extension I wrote to CodeGen to generate code, for instance 'instead-of triggers', based on views with multiple tables. And a post on 'Software Renovation'.

If you're from the neighborhood of Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, maybe you can come over to the Amis Academy on June 27th to hear me rattle about CodeGen. Yes, I have been invited to do a short presentation on this subject. Since I am already the moderator on this ToadWorld site for this subject, so they figured I know what I am talking about, I think. Hope to see you there.

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