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OPP 2010

On October 27th and 28th the combined OPP (Oracle PL/SQL Programming) and APEXposed conference is coming to Europe. To Brussels to be exact. I have had the privilege to attend these conferences since the first one in 2005. The nice thing about this conference is that it is the only conference (at least that I […]

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Semaphores (revisited)

In a previous blog I talked about turning triggers on and off using semaphores. I created a semaphore for every table I needed along with its programs to set and unset the semaphore and to get its current state. This was a rather cumbersome process, because for every new trigger I needed to add these […]

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Template plug-in…

A while ago I created a plug-in for PL/SQL developer that allowed me to type in a short code, press a magic key and have the short code replaced by the contents of my template. For instance, I type put, press CTRL-J and the code I typed in gets replaced by dbms_output.put_line();. That’s a lot […]

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(Dutch) Woensdag 8 oktober: KC PL/SQL Developer onder de loep (met spreker Theo Tol)

In het midden van de 90-er jaren waren er heel weinig en vrij beperkte ontwikkeltools beschikbaar voor het ontwikkelen van PL/SQL. Tegenwoordig is dat heel anders en zijn er verschillende leveranciers van IDE’s voor het ontwikkelen van en beheren van databaseobjecten en databasecode. Toad for Oracle van Quest en SQL Developer van Oracle zelf zijn […]

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Writing code…

I am writing lots of code again. Building a package that imports different files into the database. I thought I should share a bit of my working experience with you. As you may (or may not) know, I am a big fan of Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer, so that’s my main tool for this job. […]

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