OPP-Preview (partially Dutch)

WebButton De Oracle PL/SQL Programming conference vind dit jaar in Atlanta, Georgia plaats. Patrick Barel is daarbij om een drietal presentaties te geven. Voor degene die niet aanwezig zullen zijn in Atlanta vind deze OPP-Preview plaats.
Tijdens deze KC zal Patrick twee van deze presentaties geven.
Na het diner zal Alex een re-run geven van zijn ODTUG presentatie: "SQL Holmes".

Het programma voor deze avond:
"Pipelined table functions" – Patrick Barel
Pipelined table functions offer an ideal convergence of the elegance and simplicity of PL/SQL with the performance of SQL. Complex data transformations are effortless to develop and support with PL/SQL, yet to achieve high-performance data processing, we often resort to set-based SQL solutions. Pipelined functions bridge the gap between the two methods effortlessly, but they also have some unique performance features of their own, making them a superb performance optimization tool.

diner: Chinees

Na diner (rond 19:00):
"SQL Holmes: The Case of the Missing Performance" – Alex Nuijten
During this presentation, a case study is unfolded to reveal the true cause of a slow performing query. Did the database just "have a bad day"? Was the evil DBA to blame? The PL/SQL developer who didn’t get enough coffee? Or was it the application sending the "wrong" query in the first place?
In this classic "whodunnit" you will take a tour past the crime scene. Investigate the query, use the tools of the trade and collect all the relevant information. Follow the trail to uncover the truth and nothing but the truth…

Ter afsluiting:
"Optimizing SQL with Collections" – Patrick Barel
Collections (array-like structures in PL/SQL) are used in two of the most important performance features of PL/SQL: FORALL and BULK COLLECT. This session demonstrates the power of these features and offers in-depth guidance on how to apply them.

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