Life after OPP…

As I am writing this I am on a plane ride back from Atlanta to Amsterdam. I had a great time in Atlanta during OPP. I also enjoyed doing the sessions I presented. One was on ‘Table Functions’ and another was on Collections and Bulk Operations. Both these session were scheduled in the same timeslot Steven Feuerstein got, yet both times I have drawn a bigger audience than he did. Something I am really proud of.

I also did a presentation in the tools track for Allround Automations’ product ‘PL/SQL Developer’. This audience was of course smaller, but it allowed this presentation to be more interactive. The guys from Allround were nice enough to sent out some shirts and books and the audience really enjoyed those. I could barely save one for myself ;-).

I have been busy for months preparing for this seminar. Not full time of course, but it has taken up a lot of my thoughts over the last couple of months. Now what should I do with my time. Maybe prepare for OPP2010 ;-). Don’t even know when and if there will be one. Don’t even know if I will be invited as a presenter again.

I know I learned a lot preparing for the sessions. I know how to use the stuff I was talking about, but I needed more in depth knowledge, which I got from reading documentation, blogs, books etc. So, until next year, I will be doing something different with my spare time. Maybe I can focus on becoming on OCP on PL/SQL.

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