KScope 11

About 4 weeks from now KScope11 will be well underway. I am really looking forward to attending this conference. I think it is more ‘developer-centric’ than for instance Oracle Open World is. I still have to create my schedule for the days, but I know of at least one session where I will be present.

That will be my own session on Pipelined Table Functions. It will be on Tuesday, June 28th. Here’s the abstract of my presentation:

“If you can do it in SQL, use SQL.” But sometimes even the very powerful version of SQL that Oracle provides is not enough and you need more, like loops, conditions, etc. If you can make the output of a function like it’s a table, then you can use it in SQL and have access to all the power PL/SQL provides. After this session, you will know how to create functions that can be used as tables in SQL.

Before that I will do a preview session (or test run if you will) on Tuesday, June 14th at AMIS in the Netherlands. If you are not attending KScope11 in Long Beach and you live in or near the Netherlands then you are invited to join us. If you are attending KScope11 then you are of course invited to join me there.

Hope to meet you either in Nieuwegein or in Long Beach.

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