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Have you ever wanted to replace a character in a string just by position? I needed this the other day and IMHO there is no way in Oracle PL/SQL to do this, so I decided to write this my self.

It is really simple code and it probably needs improvement but it works for now and I think it is rather simple. Any improvement suggestions are of course very welcome in the comments.


( source_in      IN VARCHAR2

  , replacechar_in IN VARCHAR2

  , position_in    IN NUMBER) RETURN VARCHAR2 IS

  l_returnvalue VARCHAR2(32767);


  — copy from the source string up to, but not including,

  — the character position

  — to be replaced

  l_returnvalue := substr( str1 => source_in

                         , pos => 1

                         , len => position_in – 1);

  — add the replacement character

  — just a single character, but more can be sent in,

  — so substring the parameter

  l_returnvalue := l_returnvalue ||

                    substr( str1 => replacechar_in

                          , pos =>

                          , len => 1);

  — copy the rest of the source string

  l_returnvalue := l_returnvalue ||

                    substr( str1 => source_in

                          , pos => position_in + 1);

  RETURN l_returnvalue;

END replacepos;

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