CodeGen available

As of now, Quest CodeGen Utility is available from the ToadWorld website.

I agreed to Steven to be the administrator of the supplied forum to try and answer all the questions you might have. Between my family life, my fulltime job and the time difference (I live in Europe) I hope to be able to answer the questions (or get the answers) as soon as possible. Hopefully this community will grow and grow and people will answer questions amongst themselves.

I am currently working on a package that parses a view, based on multiple objects, and makes it possible to generate for instance instead-of triggers on these views. I hope to post a blog entry on this soon and I will make the code available through this website with a link on the ToadWorld website.

Another thing I am working is a utility to retrieve the generated code from the repository. Codegen can display the code after generation, save it into files or put it on the clipboard. But if you want to retrieve the code afterwards and you didn't save it to files, or you don't have access to the files, this utility provides access to the generated code from the repository. The nice thing about this utility is that I am using the same codebase to generate a stand-alone application and a plug-in for PL/SQL Developer. I wanted to create a plug-in for Toad as well, but they don't have a plug-in mechanism in place yet (not even on Toad 9).


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  1. Thanks so much for agreeing to help Steven manage the community. We have high hopes for Quest CodeGen and the value it can bring to the PL/SQL community via ToadWorld. I don’t think very many people realize now just how powerful Quest CodeGen is or the potential it possesses.

    It’s currently available for download at, but will be moved soon to ToadWorld.

    Steven’s other baby, Quest Code Tester for Oracle, is also available for free on ToadWorld and we also have a new commercial version at

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