Codegen utility and plug-in

Yesterday, I made a (beta) version available of a utility and a PL/SQL Developer plugin to access the code generated by Qcgu (CodeGen). The fun thing about these two apps is, that they share the same codebase. The plug-in uses the callback functions provided by PL/SQL Developer, while these functions have been implemented in a different file, using the AnyDAC by Dmitry Arifiev for the executable version.

You can even access the code when it has been generated, while the generator is still running. The generated code is inserted into tables in the database when it’s done. Even when a script fails at one time, while some scripts have run successfully, you can still access the correctly generated code.

I hope it helps you and/or your colleagues with the generated code. If you have any ideas on this tool, please feel free to let me know.

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