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Some new stuff…

…on the blog (again). I decided to change the skin of the blog again. I had some complaints that the previous colors. They weren't really readable. Too dark. So for now I am using this setup. I also included snap on this site, so you preview the sites I am linking to. Hopefully soon, I have […]

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Will Designer compete with CodeGen??

Oracle Designer 10G now seems to have an extension that will allow you to generate the source code of your choice. Extend Designer generation capabilities using Oracle Designer Extension Builder (ODEB). Generate the source code of your choice from the Designer metadata based on user-defined templates. ODEB also provides a way to export solutions (Driver, […]

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Codegen utility and plug-in

Yesterday, I made a (beta) version available of a utility and a PL/SQL Developer plugin to access the code generated by Qcgu (CodeGen). The fun thing about these two apps is, that they share the same codebase. The plug-in uses the callback functions provided by PL/SQL Developer, while these functions have been implemented in a […]

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CodeGen available

As of now, Quest CodeGen Utility is available from the ToadWorld website. I agreed to Steven to be the administrator of the supplied forum to try and answer all the questions you might have. Between my family life, my fulltime job and the time difference (I live in Europe) I hope to be able to […]

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Code Tester…

According to Steven Feuerstein’s post on his ToadWorld Blog, CodeTester 1.5 will be available soon. It will not yet fullfill all your testing needs, but it’s a great start. I am one of the moderators of the  utPLSQL project (and the creator of the forum used by the community) (also mentioned in the post), but I […]

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flexible indents

Is it possible to have a variable indent in the generated code??? {_indent}object lblLabel: TLabel {_indent}  Top = 0 {_indent}  Left = 10 {_indent}end And that that would result in something like this (with _indent set to 4 spaces):     object lblLabel: TLabel       Top = 0       Left = […]

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